Why do you need a Pet Sitter?

Benefits of Using a Professional Pet Sitter - For Your Pet!

1) Your pet remains in his or her own environment. One you have already made safe and secure and everything is familiar to your pet.

2) In the comfort of your home your pet is not exposed to illnesses, parasites and fleas from other animals

3) Your pet gets to eat their own food out of their own bowls and follow their exercise routines more closely to what they would if you were at home.

4) While no one can compare to the love and affection of the owner, we'll see that your pet receives all the love and attention it can stand in your absence.

5) Many pets are traumatized by traveling, not to mention when the trip takes them and leaves them in a place they are unfamiliar and their owner is no where to be found for days.

6) And, if your pet needs medication, we'll be there to see that he or she receives as much as they need, when they need it.

Benefits of Using a Professional Pet Sitter - For You!

1) You no longer need to impose on family, friends or neighbors to watch your pet. Better yet, refer us to your family, friends and neighbors so you don't have to be inconvenienced watching their pets!

2) You're not inconvenienced by having to transport your pet to a kennel during that last minute chaos before leaving on your trip.

3) Having a pet sitter gives you an edge on keeping your home secure during your absence and acts as a crime deterrent.

4) By using a professional pet sitter, you're more at ease knowing your pet is in capable and caring hands and that we'll be there. Unfortunately, my experience with Ziggy taught me that while you want to trust family, friends and neighbors to follow through with their commitments, are you willing to risk the life of your pet if they don't?

5) And remember, we can do more than feed, walk and play with your pet. Do you have fish? How about indoor or outdoor plants that need watering? Will your trash day fall on one of the days you're gone? Do you have bills that need to be dropped in the mail while you're gone? What about your mail and newspaper? And the list goes on…